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Victorinox Triumphs in Trademark Infringement Battle Against Victoria Cross

In a landmark legal victory, Victorinox, the iconic Swiss brand renowned for its knives, luxury watches, apparel, and travel gear, has emerged triumphant in a trademark infringement and passing off the case against the mark Victoria Cross. The ruling, delivered by the District Court (Commercial) of Tis Hazari in Delhi, represents a significant win for intellectual property rights and brand protection.

Victorinox, known globally as the exclusive supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss Army and the largest manufacturer of pocket knives worldwide, faced a challenge to its trademark integrity by introducing the infringing mark Victoria Cross. Upon examination, the court swiftly recognized the striking similarities between the defendant’s mark and the registered trademark Victorinox, including the resemblance of the cross logo to Victorinox’s distinctive crest logo.

Despite the defendants’ arguments claiming differences in phonetics, visuals, and structure between the marks, the Honorable Court unequivocally emphasized the cross logo’s distinctiveness and its close association with Victorinox in consumers’ minds. This recognition cements Victorinox’s unique identity and fortifies its consumer association, accentuating the importance of visual elements in trademark recognition.

Moreover, considering the potential for consumer confusion, especially given the similarity in the categories of goods, the court dismissed the defendants’ claims of honest and concurrent use. The ruling, grounded in a comprehensive analysis and equitable judgment, concluded that adopting and using the impugned mark Victoria Cross and the cross logo were conducted in bad faith to capitalize on Victorinox AG’s reputation and goodwill.

As a result, the Honorable Court issued a restraining order prohibiting the defendants from using, promoting, displaying, or incorporating the trademarks Victoria Cross and the trade label Victoria Cross or any similar variations in trade. Additionally, the court directed the defendants to remove the contents of the impugned website and block its view, ensuring the protection of Victorinox’s trademark rights.

This legal victory is a powerful testament to Victorinox’s unwavering commitment to preserving its brand integrity and reputation in the face of trademark infringement challenges. By securing this decisive win, Victorinox renews its dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality, authenticity, and innovation while safeguarding its intellectual property against unauthorized use and imitation.


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