Elevate your brand protection with a powerhouse team of eminent IP lawyers! Operating seamlessly across India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Myanmar, we are the go-to experts for navigating the intricate landscape of trademark disputes.

At United & United, a boutique trademark law firm, we don’t just manage disputes; we orchestrate triumphs for well-known brands. Our seasoned team of IP lawyers brings a wealth of experience, ensuring your trademarks are shielded against legal turbulence. From litigation to arbitration, we craft bespoke strategies that redefine brand protection.


Why choose us?

Our success stories speak for themselves – renowned brands that have weathered trademark storms with our guidance. We take pride in resolving disputes and transforming challenges into victories.
Beyond borders, our expertise transcends – offering unparalleled insight into the intellectual property nuances of diverse markets. Let us be your legal compass as you navigate the dynamic realm of trademark protection.

Ready to secure your brand legacy?

Partner with United & United – Where Expertise Meets Excellence in Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration.

At our esteemed Firm, we pride ourselves on offering a spectrum of services that cater to every facet of Brand Development, Protection, Enforcement, and Commercialization.


Navigating the intricate Indian market demands strategic finesse, especially during the brand selection and launch phase. Our meticulous legal assessments, extending beyond traditional Trademark searches, unveil risks and pave the way for informed decision-making. As your strategic advisors, we accompany your brand throughout its journey, ensuring a robust foundation and long-term success.


Understanding that the filing and registration process lays the groundwork for effective brand protection, we adopt a strategic approach tailored to the dynamic market. With a proven track record, we’ve safeguarded leading global brands in India and the SAARC region while extending our protective shield to Indian brands worldwide.


In the diverse Indian market, successful enforcement hinges on creative, practical solutions rooted in market understanding and legal expertise. From counterfeiting to parallel imports, trade dress claims, and disparagement issues, we deploy a diverse toolkit to address various challenges, ensuring your brand remains secure.


Brands are invaluable assets, and we specialize in unlocking their potential through licensing, franchising, mortgage, and other mechanisms. Our expertise lies in translating intellectual property into tangible value, contributing to the growth and success of organizations.


Central to our portfolio is our Corporate Practice, covering a broad spectrum of business affairs and transactions. Our seasoned team excels in corporate legal advisory and transactional practice, addressing day-to-day legal issues, diverse corporate affairs, and matters related to commercial contracts with precision.

Our Firm boasts a rich history of shaping trademark jurisprudence in India, serving a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, and startups across industries. Consistently recognized through awards and accolades, we invite you to partner with us for unparalleled expertise and excellence in brand management.