United & United is a premier full-service intellectual property (IP) law firm in India, distinguished by a team of seasoned copyright lawyers in India. Our adept professionals specialize in managing copyright portfolios for eminent authors, artists, filmmakers, and a diverse clientele spanning industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, fashion and luxury brands, pharmaceuticals, IT and computer software, telecom, television, and sports. Our practice is built on a foundation of expertise, providing comprehensive counsel on traditional and new media copyright issues.

Copyright, hailed as the most pervasive, inclusive, and readily accessible intellectual property right, is often deemed the ‘people’s right’ for the contemporaneous and automatic protection it extends to all original creations.


What You’ll Get?

  1. Registration and Prosecution: Our team provides expert assistance in filing and prosecuting applications to register copyright, ensuring that our clients’ creative works are legally protected.
  2. Agreements and Licensing: We offer strategic advice on agreements related to the licensing, sale, or purchase of copyrighted material, fostering a secure environment for the management and monetization of intellectual property.
  3. Cancellation Proceedings: United & United excels in handling cancellations of copyright, representing clients before the Copyright Office and Board with precision and effectiveness.
  4. Due Diligence Investigations: We conduct thorough due diligence investigations to safeguard clients from breaches of third-party rights, particularly in areas such as software licenses.
  5. Enforcement Capabilities: Our firm boasts strong capabilities in enforcing copyright, ranging from litigating civil and criminal suits to pursuing administrative remedies before various courts and tribunals in India. We guide clients through search and seizure operations and offer insights into customs’ records and parallel importation issues.
  6. Overlapping IP Rights: Our expertise extends to analyzing overlapping IP rights, drafting take-down notices, and efficiently managing online content, ensuring a comprehensive approach to protecting our client’s intellectual property.


As a signatory to international treaties such as the Berne Convention, India extends copyright protections to works created by foreign nationals in Convention countries. However, recent developments indicate a nuanced interplay between copyright legislation and common law, with legislation aiming to secure greater rights for rights holders. At the same time, courts interpret a less onerous and restrictive exclusivity arising from copyright. Navigating this evolving landscape is crucial for protecting and enforcing copyright in the digital era, posing ever more complex challenges and necessitating a reevaluation of business models.

Why United & United?

Our firm caters to all stakeholders within the creative communities, including individual artists and authors, rights managers, publishers, IT companies, producers, and broadcasters. We have played a pivotal role in shaping copyright jurisprudence in the country, contributing to landmark cases on moral rights, fair dealing, compulsory licensing, and copyright in characters. Additionally, we have been instrumental in the formation of collecting societies.

Our comprehensive services spans copyright prosecution and registration, licensing and assignment, contract negotiation and drafting, due diligence, clearances, regulatory compliances, dispute resolution, and enforcement. Going beyond, we have established specialized teams focusing on the distinct realms of Arts and Antiquities, Media and Entertainment, and IT and E-Commerce.

At our firm, we stand at the forefront of copyright protection, offering tailored solutions to address the multifaceted challenges faced by rights holders in the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property law.”