The Designs Team at our esteemed firm excels in providing clients with comprehensive and customized solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of design rights. From the initial registration to ongoing maintenance and, when necessary, vigorous enforcement through litigation, our IP attorneys team ensures a thorough and proactive approach. We proudly represent industry leaders in automotive, handicraft, technical and medical instruments, watches, jewellery, fashion, industrial products, and electrical appliances.

United & United stands as one of India’s distinguished intellectual property law firms, proficiently managing the intellectual property portfolios of numerous MSMEs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

Industrial Design

Our practice is distinctly focused on the following key areas:

  1. Design Searches and Registration:
    • Conducting meticulous design searches, analyzing novelty, and filing applications to secure design rights.
    • Proactive strategies aimed at minimizing formal objections, with advice tailored to long-term enforceability criteria.
  2. Cancellation Proceedings:
    • Initiating and defending against cancellation actions filed before the Designs Office.
  3. Maintenance of Registered Designs:
    • Ensuring the ongoing maintenance of registered designs.
  4. Licensing and Assignment:
    • Advising on the licensing and assignment of design rights.
    • Drafting relevant documents and facilitating the seamless recordal of such instruments.
  5. Design Watch Services:
    • Offering design watch services to keep our clients informed and protected.
  6. Enforcement of Design Rights:
    • Vigorous enforcement of design rights, including dispute resolution through infringement suits before various courts across India.
  7. International Design Applications:
    • Assistance with prosecuting applications for the registration of designs in foreign jurisdictions through our extensive network of associates.

Our commitment to excellence in design-related legal services is underscored by our proactive and strategic approach, ensuring that our clients receive not only protection but also a distinct advantage in the competitive landscape.


1) Obtaining exparte Injunctions and John Doe Orders.

2) Obtaining search and seizure Orders.

3) Conducting market raids.

4) Rendition of accounts of the infringer/ violater.

5) Mediation for amicable settlement of disputes.

6) Arbitration and Conciliation.