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How AI is Revolutionizing the Music Industry’s Approach to Copyright Law

The eligibility for copyright protection to AI-generated content is also a contention. According to established copyright law principles, the original creator of a work is recognised as the rightful copyright holder. Regrettably, the existing Copyright Act of 1957 in India does not explicitly address AI-generated works nor acknowledges artificial intelligence as an author, further contributing to the complexities surrounding copyright eligibility in AI-generated content. 

The Ethics of AI and Intellectual Property: A Discussion on Fair Use and Innovation

The outcomes generated by artificial intelligence (AI) systems may or may not transgress intellectual property laws, with the abovementioned methodologies not imposing any inherent obligation. Assuming the absence of a copyright breach during the input phase, such systems can engender entirely novel works of art devoid of preexistence and, therefore, do not contravene copyright statutes.  


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