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Increased Use of AI in Pharmaceutical and Drug Industry Questions Patentability Status

Increased Use of AI in Pharmaceutical and Drug Industry Questions Patentability Status

The Express Pharma first published this article Increasing usage of AI in every sector  The main reason for the increasing popularity of Artificial intelligence (AI) is that it develops programs or models resembling human deduction or reasoning. A subset of AI known as “machine learning” uses algorithms trained on vast amounts of data to enable […]

AI in Pharmaceutical Production: Is India Ready For That?

Artificial intelligence is successfully crossing one level after another in its test of utility, especially in science and innovation. AI is speeding up the process by collecting and accessing the information, drastically minimising the time in drug discovery. It also plays an essential role in checking the prices of new treatments. Developing a new drug […]

Indian Copyright Registration To AI Artwork

AI-generated Artwork With AI-generated art booming, the Indian Copyright Office is perplexed. Artificial intelligence may produce art independently without the creative input of humans. Following the Indian Copyright Act, these works are considered “computer-generated works.” In 1995, computer-generated works were included in the category of works, most likely when AI was not producing art. The […]

Can AI powered tools detect and prevent intellectual property infringement in India?

Since its birth at Dartmouth College in 1956, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced significantly, evolving from a simple tool to a collaborative force reshaping industries and professions. This article focuses on AI’s transformational impact in modifying the Intellectual Property (IP) practice and its administration. AI is changing the landscape of creations and discoveries. Also igniting […]

AI in IP: Combating The Grey Areas

In the present world, one must proactively protect the company’s IP. This can be begun by researching the different types of IP protection available, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, or you may also consult with the IPR lawyers to ensure that the company’s IP is protected in every manner.