Customs IPR Enforcement 

 United & United collaborates closely with the Customs Authorities of India, offering comprehensive services to register the Intellectual Property Rights of various companies with the Indian Customs. Our end-to-end solutions encompass interdiction and seizure of consignments containing suspicious IPR infringing goods, and the subsequent destruction of consignments containing counterfeit products imported into India. We are dedicated to enforcing our clients’ Intellectual Property Rights at India’s territorial borders. 


Additionally, we conduct Customs Training Workshops regularly, engaging with various formations of Indian Customs at different ports across the country in addition to the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics at their various training units across the territory of India. United & United stands out by representing the most significant number of right-holders for their brand protection and IPR enforcement with the Indian Customs. 


Unveiling the Shield: Guarding Your Brand Against Counterfeits at the Border 

 Aim: Our mission is crystal clear — to thwart the trade of counterfeit or infringing goods. Rule 2(a) of the IPR (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007 defines “infringing goods” as those violating Intellectual Property Laws without the consent of the Right Holder or any authorized person. 


Benefits: Picture this- A robust defense against the influx of fake, illegal, and counterfeit goods into the Indian market. How? Right holders in India can fortify their position by recording their intellectual property with the Customs Authority of India. Under the Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007 and the Customs Act, 1962, this proactive measure empowers brand owners to detect and dispose of infringing and counterfeit goods right at the border. Brace yourselves; the Indian Customs is on high alert, regularly detaining and seizing consignments with counterfeit goods, playing by the rules of the Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007. For your brand’s sake, we urge Right Holders to file Customs recordal applications for their registered trademarks. 


Procedure: Simplifying the journey — a single Recordal Application filed with Customs authorities at any Indian port holds sway across the country. Once accepted, your brand is shielded at every port in India. 

 Validity: The armour is valid for a period of up to five years, after which a renewal by way of fresh recordal is required to keep the protective shield intact at the Ports. Don’t let your brand be vulnerable — act now, and let the Customs be your steadfast guardian.